Stretch Tents & Canopies
Dynamic coverings for any space.

Designer Stretch Tents ~ Stretch Web Tents & Canopies ~ Artistic Stretch Tents Solid Stretch Tents
Floating Shade Tent

Stretch Decor Tents create that cozy beautiful atmosphere that people love.
Shade, contain, frame, block or hide an area or just create a smaller cozier space.

Our tents can be painted for extra wow, see our Artistic Stretch Tents and Artistic Stretch Decor.
We also make Designer Stretch Tents for those wanting to stand out and really give there clients or guests something to remember.

Contact us for custom made Stretch Tents and Canopies to suite your space and preference.

Please note our tents are Decor Tents and are not waterproof and are limited in size, though they are lightweight, beautiful and extremely stretchy allowing them to be erected where no other tents can. Our tents work best in large open spaces, in gardens on lawns, in small spaces and even indoors as an added decor canopy.


Designer Stretch Tents

Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0008 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0013 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0014Stretch-Tents-Designer-0015 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0016 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0018 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0017Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0002 Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0007 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0008Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0003Stretch-Tents-Designer-0001 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0007
Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0010 Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0001
Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0005 Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0004
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Stretch Web Tents & Canopies

Stretch-Web-Canopies-0004 Stretch-Web-Canopies-0007 Stretch-Web-Canopies-0005 Stretch-Web-Canopies-0006Stretch-Web-Canopies-0001 Stretch-Web-Canopies-0002
Stretch-Decor-013 Stretch-Decor-022

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Artistic Stretch Tents

Stretch-Decor-Tents-Art-0009 Stretch-Decor-Artistic-Decor-0012 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0011 Stretch-Tents-Designer-0009
Stretch-Decor-Artistic-Decor-0010 Stretch-Decor-Artistic-Decor-0011 Stretch-Decor-Artistic-Decor-0009
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Stretch Decor Tents

Stretch-Decor-Tents-0001 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0004
Stretch-Decor-Tents-0019 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0018
Stretch-Decor-Tents-0006 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0007
Stretch-Decor-Tents-0002 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0010
Stretch-Decor-Tents-0024 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0020
Stretch-Decor-Tents-0005 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0017
Stretch-Decor-Tents-0008 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0016
Stretch-Decor-Tents-0022 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0021
Stretch-Decor-Tents-0023 Stretch-Decor-Tents-0025
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Floating Shade Tents
Stretch-Tents-Floating-Shade-001 Stretch-Tents-Floating-Shade-003 Stretch-Tents-Floating-Shade-002 Stretch-Tents-Floating-Shade-004
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