Stretch Structures
"Form and shape creates beauty and awe”

Pillars ~ Tunnels ~ Stages ~ Tipi's
We can also manufacture.. Spheres, Stars, Cones, Tubes, Pipes... commission our artists to create your dreams!

Projector Screens ~ Cutouts ( Flat objects of your choice )

3 Dimensional or 2 Dimensional structures...
Entrance Tunnels, Archways, Pillars, Columns, Spheres, Stars, Tubes, Pipes ... almost any shape or form can be created.
These structures can either be used as decor, focal points or functional structures.
Video Projector Screens, Stretch Screens or project onto 3Dimensional objects for effect.

Add movement to almost any structure by choosing the Mobile Decor option. Also see Artistic Stretch Decor for added effect.

Contact us with your needs or ideas.


Any colour ... or combination of colours can be chosen, including fade between different colours.

Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0009 Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0010
Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0013 Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0014
Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0005 Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0004
Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0003 Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0002
Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0006 Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0007
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Stretch-Decor-Tunnels-0001 Stretch-Decor-Tunnels-0002
Stretch-Decor-Tunnels-0003 Stretch-Decor-Tunnels-0004
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Stages & “Front of House”

Stretch-Decor-Stage-0001 Stretch-Decor-Stage-0002 Stretch-Decor-Stage-0003 Stretch-Decor-Stage-0004Stretch-Decor-Stage-0001 Stretch-Decor-Stage-0002Stretch-Decor-Stage-0003 Stretch-Decor-Stage-0005Stretch-Decor-Stage-0004
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Structures-Tipi-001 Structures-Tipi-002
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Projector Screens

Structures-Projector-Screens-006 Structures-Projector-Screens-002 Structures-Projector-Screens-003
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Cut Outs

Structures-2D-Cutouts-003 Structures-2D-Cutouts-002 Structures-2D-Cutouts-001
Structures-2D-Cutouts-011 Structures-2D-Cutouts-005 Structures-2D-Cutouts-008
Structures-2D-Cutouts-004 Structures-2D-Cutouts-006
Structures-2D-Cutouts-009 Structures-2D-Cutouts-007
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